Project Analyzer system requirements

Main requirements

Not required: Visual Basic, Visual Studio or .NET Framework.

Install and uninstall

Supported languages and projects

Limited support projects

Certain project types are not officially supported. However, Project Analyzer may work with them. We don't guarantee the accuracy of the results, so use with care.

See also: Limitations and known bugs

Required files

The following files are required by Project Analyzer. Newer versions are generally compatible.

Required system files

If you have Visual Basic 6.0, the following system files are already on your computer. If not, download and install the run-time library package You may already have downloaded it with Project Analyzer. Run library setup to install the required run-times. If you have trouble with a system file, put it in your Windows\System32 directory and register it with regsvr32.exe. Run as Administrator if necessary.

Filename              Size  Date       Time Version      
MSVBVM60.DLL     1,409,024  25/06/98   0:00 v6.0.81.76
OLEAUT32.DLL       598,288  02/06/98  18:24 v2.30.4261.1
OLEPRO32.DLL       164,112  02/06/98  18:24 v5.0.4261.1
ASYCFILT.DLL       147,728  02/06/98  18:24 v2.30.4261.1
STDOLE2.TLB         17,920  02/06/98  15:46 v2.30.4261.1
COMCAT.DLL          22,288  31/05/98   0:00 v4.71.1460.1
MSCOMCTL.OCX     1,062,704  26/06/98   0:00 v6.0.81.77
TLBINF32.DLL       153,600  18/06/98   0:00 v1.1.81.69   = v1.10.8169. For COM analysis.

Required other files

The following files are included with the Project Analyzer download. They should exist in your Project Analyzer directory. If you have trouble with one of these files, put it in your Project Analyzer directory and run Project Analyzer, which will automatically attempt to use it.

Filename              Size  Date       Time Version      
ZIP32VB6.DLL       151,552  01/07/06   3:25 v2.32        = v1.1. For Archive feature.
WinGraphviz.DLL    659,456  04/12/03  10:05 v1.0.2.17    For Enterprise Diagrams. Newer versions incompatible.
strtch.dll          53,248  13/10/08  11:24 v1.0.0.2     For Enterprise Diagrams on Win98/ME.
proasm.dll                                  v1.0.0.0     For .NET assembly analysis.
proasm.reg                                  v1.0.0.0     For .NET assembly analysis.
EntDiag1.vst                                             For Enterprise Diagrams Visio export.
constant.txt                                             For code review rule Verify accuracy.


CheckLib is a little utility verifies that the required run-time files have been correctly installed on your computer. You can find it in your Project Analyzer directory. Double-click checklib.exe to run it. CheckLib locates the required files on your computer and checks to see whether the available version is the same as or higher than the required version. If any problems are found, it will suggest what to do next.

Digital signature

The following files are digitally signed by Aivosto Oy: checklib.exe, config.exe, mtxview.exe, project.exe, strtch.dll, vbaplug.exe. If one of these files has no valid signature or is signed by someone else, Aivosto Oy cannot guarantee its safety or correct operation. In this case, load a safe virus-free copy from

.NET Framework 4, 4.5 or 4.5.1 (optional)

The .NET Framework is not required for code analysis. In order to analyze binary .NET assemblies (optional feature), you need Microsoft .NET Framework 4, 4.5 or 4.5.1. You already have it if you have installed Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013 or Windows 8 (or Windows Server 2012). If you don't have any of these installed, follow the instructions below.

*) Windows 7 and Vista: Alternatively install .NET Framework 4.5, which is compatible with 4.

You can use Project Analyzer just fine even if you don't have the .NET Framework installed. It is only required for reading .NET binary files.

Additional utilities required

Performance and hardware recommendations

We recommend 1 GB RAM and a fast processor (Intel Q6600 2.4 GHz or better) for analyzing large systems with over 500,000 lines. Any relatively modern desktop PC will exceed these requirements.

Code analysis is processor intensive. The following speeds were tested on Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 2.4 GHz with 2 GB RAM (a PC from 2008): Typical projects (10,000 to 150,000 lines) take 2 to 15 seconds to analyze. Very large systems, ones with 0.9 to 1.6 million lines, take approximately 5 minutes. Performance varies from 4000 to 13000 lines per second, depending on complexity. Large analyses run slower than small analyses.

A processor with at least 2 cores is recommended. Project Analyzer runs in a single thread. A multi-core processor does not run the analysis any faster, but it lets you run Project Analyzer in the background. 1 GB RAM is enough for most uses. Analysis of 0.9 million lines requires approximately 300 MB RAM.

Credits and additional terms

WinGraphviz.dll v1.0.2.17 by ood Tsen
based on Graphviz by AT&T
zip32.dll v2.32, renamed as zip32vb6.dll
Info-ZIP license terms

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