Backup download service: Get your old program back

Lost your good old Aivosto program? Can't find your backup? No problem! You can get your licensed program back.

Current program downloads are free. Downloads are free for all currently available program versions, as long as you have a license. Just send a keyword request to get your free download and license information.

Old programs (for licensed users)

Old Aivosto programs are available to licensed users as per the table below. Downloads for recent program versions are free. Downloads for the listed old programs are available through our Backup download service for US$49 (+VAT in EU). Get your old version back, or buy the current version instead. To see which licenses you have, send a keyword request.

Your old licensed programFor saleGet your old versionGet the current version
ActiveXplorer2001-2015Order Backup download ($49)
DB Lock1995-2002Order Backup download ($49)
DB Structure1995-1998Order Backup download ($49)
DBtoVB Wizard1995-2003Order Backup download ($49)
Eval for VB1998-2018Order Backup download ($49)
LinkGraph OCX1999-2004Order Backup download ($49)
Project Analyzer v3, v4, v5, v6 *1997-2003Order Backup download ($49)Buy full version
Project Analyzer v7 *2003-2006Order Backup download ($49)Buy discounted upgrade
Project Analyzer v8 or newer (+ VBA Plug)2006-Request for freeBuy discounted upgrade
Studio Complete2002-2007Order Backup download ($49)
VB Friend v11999-2003Order Backup download ($49)Buy full version
VB Watch v12000-2004Order Backup download ($49)Buy discounted upgrade
Visustin v1, v22003-2005Order Backup download ($49)Buy discounted upgrade
Visustin v3, v4, v52005-2010Request informationBuy discounted upgrade
Visustin v6 or newer2010-Request for freeBuy discounted upgrade
Any other old programNot available
Any current programRequest for free

* Project Analyzer: If you purchased any optional add-ins or VBA Plug in the past, they are included with Project Analyzer in the Backup download service.

Backup download service $49

For just $49 * we will look up your license and send you the program files you purchased in the past, even if you've lost all traces of your license.

* US dollars. In the European Union, VAT is added to the price, unless you provide a VAT number.

The Backup download service includes it all: Look up your existing software license. Receive email with license information and old program files. Get the latest version your license covers. (Most licenses cover updates within a single major version number, such as v6.x.)

One program per purchase. If you require several different programs, please order multiple copies of the service. If you are not sure which licenses you have, send a Keyword request or contact us.

Note that old programs are not necessarily compatible with your current systems. This service does not come with any new or refreshed licenses. To get the current version, buy either a discounted upgrade or a full license (see table above).