What's new in Project Analyzer v10.3


Project Analyzer v10.3 detects obsolete and redundant syntax in your Visual Basic code. Locate unwanted code that has been commented out. Upgrade your Project Analyzer and bring new life to your good old VB projects.

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Latest updates with Project Analyzer v10.3

VBA Plug v3.3

VBA Plug v3.3 supports Office 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 in addition to Office 2000–2007.

Project Analyzer v10 requires VBA Plug v3.x to analyze any VBA code. If you have an old VBA Plug, you need to purchase an upgrade ($69).

Other improvements in Project Analyzer v10.x since v9

Std = Standard Edition. Pro = Pro Edition. Ent = Enterprise Edition.

34 other new code review rules

Everyone makes mistakes. The skill is in correcting them before it's too late. Appear smarter than your colleagues: Use Project Analyzer to double-check program logic for thoughtless omissions.

Find dead and undefined code

Find rotten logic

Find rotten parameters

Find rotten design

Find rotten performance

New rules to replace old rules

6 new reports and 20 report updates

Other improvements

Analysis improvements

Improved detection of default member references and COM in/out parameters. Improved accuracy of Overloads resolution, type inference and <Extension()> method calls. Improved support for [keyword] and {..} syntax. Improved handling of generic types. Performance boost with large XML literals. Support for XML Axis syntax: .<tag> and ...<tag> and .@<attrib>. Support for block-level local variables and constants.

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Download the newest Project Analyzer demo. It will co-exist with your current Project Analyzer version. Just make sure you put it in a new directory. The free demo can analyze max 10 source code files at a time. You can try it on any of your projects by selecting max 10 files to analyze. Or, analyze some of the nice little sample projects in your Visual Basic directory.

Upgrade prices

Discounted upgrades to Project Analyzer v10 are available from versions 7, 8 and 9 (which were available from 2003 to 2010). A full price is required for upgrading from earlier versions.

Project Analyzer upgrades (US dollars)
Project Analyzer version upgrade 1 user 2-pack Team 10-pack Site
v10 Std Upgrade from v7/8/9 all editions $149 $249 $449 $699
v10 Pro Upgrade from v7/8/9 all editions $249 $419 $749 $1090
v10 Ent Upgrade from v7/8/9 Ent $499 $839 $1490 $2290 $4490
v10 Ent Upgrade from v7/8/9 Std/Pro $789 $1390 $2390 $3690
VBA Plug v3 Upgrade from v1/v2
$69 $119 $199
Upgrade requires an existing license (same size or larger). Example: Upgrade to 2-pack requires an old 2-pack or larger.
Upgrade within v10 equals price difference (new price − original price).

Minor updates are free within the major version number: Project Analyzer v10.x, VBA Plug v3.x.

Upgrade FAQ

Q: Does it support the newest Visual Studio?

A: Project Analyzer supports VB.NET from version 2002 to 2013, but not later.

Q: Does it support VB6? VB5? VB4? VB3?

A: Yes, all of them—and better than ever before.

Q: Does it support Office VBA?

A: Project Analyzer supports Office VBA code with VBA Plug. Support includes Office 2019 and older. 32bit and 64bit.

Q: I code in VB6. Is there something for me in the new version?

A: Yes. The new code review rules alone are a perfect reason to upgrade your old copy of Project Analyzer. The older your code, the more useful Project Analyzer gets.

Q: Do I need to upgrade my old VBA Plug v1 or v2?

A: To analyze VBA code, yes. Old VBA Plug versions 1 and 2 are incompatible with Project Analyzer v10.

Q: Is v10.3 a free update?

A: Project Analyzer v10.3 is a free update to all licensed users of v10. Request yours

Old improvements in v9

52 code review rules added: Find new bugs in old code

Project Analyzer v9 adds 52 code review rules, pushing the total over 250 rules supported. Watch for bad mistakes and thoughtless omissions in your colleagues' code—or your own. Impress your boss by smashing sleeping bugs before they wake up. Insure your applications against future mistakes.

Find hidden flaws with new dead code rules

Project Analyzer has improved considerably in its ability to detect partially unused code. Dead code detection now finds variables and constants that appear alive, but that are not so in reality.

Prevent problems with Enums, Cases and bad conditions

Prevent errors before they hit the user

Enforce consistent style

Watch for risky VB.NET syntax

Enforce VB.NET class design rules

Other improvements in v9

Old improvements in v8

Metrics added in v8.0 Ent
Project metrics
VARSgm Global and module-level vars
VARSloc Local variables
ENUMSZ Average Enum size
ENUMR Enum ratio
Rc Reuse of constants
TREADS Total variable reads
TWRITES Total variable writes
TRW Total variable reads+writes
DATADENS Data access density
IOg% Global I/O ratio
maxDCALLT Max depth of call tree
maxSCALLT Max size of call tree

MOOD2 object-oriented metrics
OHEF Operation hiding effectiveness
AHEF Attribute hiding effectiveness
IIF Internal inheritance factor
PPF Parametric polymorphism factor

Class metrics
LCOM4 Lack of cohesion of methods
TCCi, TCCl Tight class cohesion
LCCi, LCCl Loose class cohesion

Procedure metrics
IOg Global I/O
IOp Parameter I/O
IOvars Input and output variables
SCALLT Size of call tree

Variable metrics
READS Number of reads from variable
WRITES Number of writes to variable
RW Number of reads and writes
FLOWS Data flows into/out of variable
LENV Length of variable name
VARUSR Variable users

Reports added in v8

More information

Detailed version history
Project Analyzer features and versions pdf
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