Project Analyzer version history

This version history lists the major improvements and changes in Project Analyzer.

For details and latest updates, see file version.txt in your Project Analyzer directory. Version.txt includes details on each minor update, improvement and bug fix.

Version summary

v10.3 (Feb 2021) VBA Plug v3.3 (Office 2019). Updated code review and reporting.

v10.2 (Feb 2014) VB 2013. Reporting update. Later: VBA Plug v3.2 (Office 2016).

v10.1 (Apr 2013) VB 2012. VBA Plug v3.1 (Office 2013). Compiler const analyses.

v10.0 (Nov 2010) VB 2010. VBA Plug v3 (Office 2010). Analyze logic & .NET assemblies.

v9.0 (Oct 2008) VB 2008. Flaw finder. Analyze directory. PDF output.

v8.1 (Feb 2007) VBA Plug v2 (Office 2007). Print code. XML metrics.

v8.0 (Feb 2006) VB 2005. Enterprise Diagrams.

v7.1 (Sep 2004) VBA Plug v1. Project Metrics enhanced.

v7.0 (Aug 2003) VB 2003. Duplicate code, dead control and DLL analysis. Project Metrics.

v6.2 (Jan 2003) Project Graph: Ctrl/data flow, Form show. File dep analysis.

v6.1 (Aug 2002) Multi-project analysis. COM analysis. References dialog.

v6.0 (May 2002) VB.NET support (VB 2002).

v5.4 (May 2001) VB.NET compatibility check.

v5.3 (Jan 2001) Enterprise Edition with auto-fix and macros.

v5.2 (Mar 2000) Project NameCheck. Support for non-Western character sets.

v5.1 (May 1999) Problem detection. Project Printer code web site. New reports.

v5.0 (Oct 1998) VB 6.0 support. Hypertext view in main window.

v4.2 (Aug 1998) Need report. Hotkey conflicts.

v4.1 (Jan 1998) Project Graph. Comment manual. UI update.

v4.0 (Sep 1997) VB 5.0 support. Analyze Types and Enums.

v3.1 (Feb 1997) Super Project Analyzer. Project Printer. New metrics.

v3.0 (Jun 1996) VB 4.0 support.

v2.1 (Sep 1995) Summary report. DLL report.

v2.0 (Aug 1995) Problem report. Dead var & const detection. FRX view. Metrics.

v1.1 (Mar 1995) Dead procedure detection. Hypertext view. Call trees.

v1.0 (Feb 1995) Initial release with VB 3.0 support

(1994) Pre-release versions with functionality of v1.0.

History: Project Analyzer was born in 1994 in Helsinki, Finland. It was originally a small utility that documented some Visual Basic 3.0 projects. In 1995, Project Analyzer 1.0 was released as a shareware experiment on a website called VBShop. Aivosto Oy, a new company, was established in 1997 to bring Project Analyzer to a professional level. By 2004, Project Analyzer supported all major versions of Visual Basic, including VB.NET and VBA. Since then it has expanded further to cover a considerably wide range of code analysis, diagramming and documentation features.

Despite its long history Project Analyzer is not filled with outdated code but state-of-the-art technology. The key enabler of this development has been the most important programming strategy: Keep the users happy!

Pro, Ent = Feature requires Pro or Enterprise Edition
Ent = Feature requires Enterprise Edition

Version 10.3 (Feb 2021)

Improvements in v10.3

New code review rules in v10.3

Updated code review rules in v10.3

Analysis improvements

Reporting update in v10.3

Breaking change

Version 10.2 (2014–2019)

Version 10.2.04 (January 2016)

Version 10.2.01 (February 2014)

New and improved features in v10.2

Reporting update in v10.2

Version 10.1 (April 2013)

New and improved features in v10.1

New code review rules in v10.1

Updated code review rules in v10.1

Removed features in v10.1

Version 10.0 (November 2010)

New features in v10.0

New code review rules in v10.0 (31 new rules)

New rules that replace old rules:

Code review rules changed

New reports in v10.0

Report improvements in v10.0

New metrics in v10.0

Other improvements in v10.0

Analysis improvements in v10.0

Replaced features and breaking changes in v10.0

Version 9.0 (October 2008)

New features in v9.0

New code review rules in v9.0

Project Analyzer v9.0 adds 52 new code review rules, pushing the total over 250 rules.

Code review improvements in v9.0

Improved features in v9.0

Analysis improvements in v9.0

VBA Plug changes

Removed features

Version 8.1 (March 2007)

Improvements and new features in v8.1

Improvements in v8.1

Version 8.0 (February 2006)

Major improvements in v8.0

New reports in v8.0

New metrics in v8.0 Ent
Project metrics
VARSgm Global and module-level variables
VARSloc Local variables
ENUMSZ Average Enum size
ENUMR Enum ratio
Rc Reuse of constants
TREADS Total variable reads
TWRITES Total variable writes
TRW Total variable reads+writes
DATADENS Data access density
IOg% Global I/O ratio
maxDCALLT Maximum depth of call tree
maxSCALLT Maximum size of call tree

MOOD2 project metrics for object-oriented code
OHEF Operation hiding effectiveness factor
AHEF Attribute hiding effectiveness factor
IIF Internal inheritance factor
PPF Parametric polymorphism factor

Class metrics
LCOM4 Lack of cohesion of methods
TCCi, TCCl Tight class cohesion
LCCi, LCCl Loose class cohesion

Procedure metrics
IOg Global I/O
IOp Parameter I/O
IOvars Input and output variables
SCALLT Size of call tree

Variable metrics
READS Number of read instructions from variable
WRITES Number of write instructions to variable
RW Number of reads and writes
FLOWS Data flows into and out of a variable
LENV Length of variable name
VARUSR Variable users

Project Metrics improvements Ent

Code review additions and improvements in v8.0

Other improvements in v8.0

Breaking changes in v8.0

Version 7.1 (September 2004)

Version 7.0 (August 2003) Project Analyzer v7.0 icon

Version 6.2 (January 2003)

Version 6.1 (August 2002)

Version 6.0 (May 2002)

Older versions

Version 5.4 (May 2001)

Version 5.3 (January 2001)

Version 5.2 (February 2000) Project Analyzer v5.2.08 icon

Version 5.1 (May 1999)

Version 5.0 (October 1998)

Version 4.2 (August 1998)

Version 4.1 (January 1998)

Version 4.0 (September 1997)

Version 3.1 (February 1997)

Version 3.0 (June 1996)

Version 2.1 (September 1995)

Version 2.0 (August 1995) Project Analyzer v2.0 icon

Version 1.1 (March 1995)

Version 1.0 (February 1995) Project Analyzer v1.0 icon

"Project Analyzer reads VB code and gives reports about the modules, forms, procedures, procedural dependencies and commentation in the code."


Project Analyzer title in 1995

Pre-release versions (1994) supported the functionality of Project Analyzer v1.0.

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