Project Analyzer editions

Project Analyzer comes in three different editions: Standard, Pro and Enterprise. Optionally, you can also add VBA Plug.

Standard Edition=great code analyzer
Pro Edition=Standard Edition + Pro features
Enterprise Edition=Pro Edition + Enterprise features
  • VBA Plug enables support for Office VBA. VBA Plug

Project Analyzer editions and features
Edition Standard Pro Enterprise Description
Price for single user $249 $499 $990
Pro Edition features
Super Project Analyzer no Yes Yes Combine analyses to hunt for dead code
Project Printer no Yes Yes Document code
Project Graph no Yes Yes Make call trees
Project NameCheck no Yes Yes Enforce naming standards
Enterprise Edition features
Auto-fix no no Yes Remove dead code, fix live code
Multi-project analysis no no Yes Analyze several projects together
.NET assembly analysis no no Yes Analyze use of .NET Framework and libraries
COM file analysis no no Yes Analyze use of COM libraries
DLL file analysis no no Yes Analyze use of DLL libraries
Duplicate code analysis no no Yes Find repeated code blocks
Enterprise Diagrams no no Yes Produce system diagrams in pictures and Visio
Macros no no Yes Automate analysis tasks
VB.NET compatibility check no no Yes Review VB6 code for .NET compatibility
Metrics limited limited Full Evaluate code quality in numbers
VBA Plug
VBA code analysis requires optional VBA Plug Analyze Office VBA projects
Price for single user +$99

Which edition should I choose?

Standard Edition includes a full range of professional code analysis and documentation features. The Standard Edition is ideal for single developers who need to understand and optimize their VB programs.

Pro Edition includes everything that's in the Standard Edition plus 4 extra features: Super Project Analyzer, Project Printer, Project Graph and Project NameCheck. The Pro Edition is suitable for developers who need to document their work and enforce programming standards.

Enterprise Edition includes everything that's in the Pro Edition plus a lot of advanced features. It removes or comments out dead code and fixes a number of coding problems automatically. It analyzes several projects at the same time, including .vbg and .sln files. It supports .NET assembly analysis and COM and DLL file analysis to view their contents and use in VB code. It checks for .NET compatibility, provides very advanced metrics features and points out duplicate code blocks. The Enterprise Edition includes a comprehensive software diagramming solution to visualize the structure of a system. It even includes a macro language. The Enterprise Edition is ideal for programming teams and departments with a large number of projects, or projects that are large in size. It's designed for organizations who need to achieve top quality with their coding process.

VBA Plug is optional. It is required for Office VBA support. By default, Project Analyzer supports Visual Basic and Visual Basic .NET code. VBA Plug is a tool that enables support for Office VBA projects. To analyze VBA projects, you need to purchase both VBA Plug and Project Analyzer. All the editions (Standard, Pro, Enterprise) are compatible with VBA Plug.

Edition upgrade. Not sure which edition you need? Get Standard or Pro Edition now. You can always upgrade later. You will get a full discount for your original purchase. The rule applies to edition upgrades within the same major version of Project Analyzer.

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