Migrating from VB6 to VB.NET with Project Analyzer

Project Analyzer reviews classic VB6 code for upgrade incompatibilities with Visual Basic .NET. Review compatibility issues and fix them before migrating your code to VB.NET. This feature is part of the Enterprise Edition.

Get prepared and save migration work

Planning to move code from VB6 to VB.NET? Get ready for a challenge! Upgrading to VB.NET is not just a matter of loading your existing code in it. Simply put, your code won't run without changes. It's essential to prepare your code before you migrate it.

You can easily start the preparations today. It makes sense to write .NET compatible code even if you're planning to stay in VB6 for a while.

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Project Analyzer helps you migrate

The Enterprise Edition of Project Analyzer provides several tools that help you prepare your existing code for VB.NET. Among the most useful features are automatic dead code removal and VB.NET Compatibility Check.

Problem categories detected by VB.NET Compatibility Check

The VB.NET Compatibility Check feature analyzes your existing Visual Basic code to find features and syntax conventions that have changed in VB.NET. When it finds an incompatibility, it marks the location with a problem icon in one of the following categories.

List of VB.NET compatibility issues

Download and try it now for free

Download the Project Analyzer demo. Open the Options menu, select Problem Options and enable a VB.NET related problem filter. Take a peek in the Enterprise menu to see a compatibility report.

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