Project Analyzer features

This is a list of all Project Analyzer features. The features are supported by all of the available editions unless otherwise marked. Features marked Pro, Ent require either the Pro or the Enterprise Edition. Features marked Ent require the Enterprise Edition.

Code analysis

Single-project analysis
Analyze all source files of a single Visual Basic project.
Multi-project analysis
Analyze several projects together, including .vbg and .sln support. Ent
Office VBA analysis
Analyze Office VBA projects. Requires VBA Plug.
Directory analysis
Analyze all source files found in a directory path.

Automated code review

Coding standards
Enforce coding standards by detecting programming style issues. Configurable.
Dead code detection
Find unused procedures, properties, variables, parameters, constants, enums, user-defined types, classes, interfaces, modules and controls.
Dead code removal
Delete or comment out dead code automatically. Ent
Detection of functionality problems
Monitor known user interface issues and problems with program logic.
Flaw finder
Locate logical mistakes and omissions and prevent future errors.
Memory leak prevention
Ensure proper clearing of object variables, deallocation of dynamic arrays and releasing of Win API handles.
Optimization suggestions
Detect unoptimal statements and syntax, configurable.
Project NameCheck
Define and enforce a naming standard on procedures, variables, constants, classes, enums, types etc. Pro, Ent
Remove dead code and update live code according to selected standards. Ent

Call trees, cross-references and diagrams

Call trees
View procedure call trees and file dependency trees in treeview or report format. See how procedures call each other and how files depend on each other.
View references to any programming object to see where it is being used. View all references between two files. View references into/out of a file. View references by type, such as instantiation of objects or allocation of arrays.
Diagramming: Project Graph
Interactive procedure call trees, file dependency trees, class hierarchy trees, control flow trees, data flow trees, instantiation trees, data declaration trees and form show trees. Print or save as image for project documentation. Pro, Ent
Diagramming: Enterprise Diagrams
Complex procedure call diagrams, file dependency diagrams, class hierarchy diagrams, control flow diagrams, data flow diagrams, variable access diagrams, form show diagrams, "file belongs to project" diagrams, project dependency diagrams, class cohesion diagrams and recursion diagrams. Print diagrams or save as image files. Export diagrams to edit in Microsoft Visio. Ent


Reports: Cross-reference based
Cross-reference report, Procedure references report, Variable references report, Constant references report, Need report, Executed by report, File dependency analysis, File dependency levels, Subsystem report, Non-cohesive classes report, Variable use report.
Reports: Lists
File list, File sizes and dates, Files and projects, Module list, Namespace list, Procedure list, Variable list, Constant list, Types, Enums and Aliases list, Dictionary.
Reports: Module structure
Module interface report, Module members report, Interface report.
Reports: String literals
String literal analysis, String literal report. Detect repeated string definitions.
Reports: User interface
Form report, Menu report, Control report, Hotkey conflicts report.
These reports are mainly for VB 3-6 projects.
Compiler directives report
How conditional compilation affects your project. Number of active and excluded lines.
Design quality report
Assess the quality of your project. Amount of dead code. Number of comments, comment density, percentage of meaningful comments. Length of names. Cyclomatic complexity and reuse. Use of whitespace and indentation.
Library report
List used library files and API Declare statements.
Summary report
Summarize the size and status of your project. Line counts, number of comments, procedures, types of statements, decision counts, work effort estimate etc.
Project Printer
Source code documentation: Print the code of a program or put it in a syntax-highlighted, surfable document file. Pro, Ent
Comment manual: Generate source documentation out of comments in code. Pro, Ent
Project web site: Generate HTML hyperlinked source code and reports for thorough documentation. Pro, Ent

Interactive features

Constants and Enums window
Analyze the declaration and use of constants and enumerated constants. Detect duplicated and differing definitions.
Enhanced search for procedures, variables, constants, types, enums, code, comments or any text in a project.
FRX file view
View contents of binary property files (.frx).
Hex viewer
View binary files with hex viewer.
Hypertext code view
Surf source code as hypertext. Click items to view their definition. View all references to a given item such as procedure or variable.
Listings windows
List and navigate variables, constants, parameters, procedures, data types and modules. View how each of them is being referenced in the project.
Print and export syntax-highlighted code
Print code with syntax-aware highlighting in either color or monochrome.
Export source code as syntax-highlighted documents. Formats: PDF, RTF, HTML.

Advanced analyses

COM analysis
Look into COM libraries and analyze their use in VB code. Ent
DLL analysis
Look into DLL libraries and analyze their use in VB code. Ent
.NET assembly analysis
Look into .NET Framework assemblies and other .NET libraries and analyze their use in VB code. Ent
Duplicate code analysis
Detect repeated code blocks. Ent
Automate repetitive analysis tasks. Ent
Calculate 184 metrics including lines of code, comment density, cyclomatic complexity, relative complexity, fan-in and fan-out, depth of nesting and object-oriented metrics. Compare projects and monitor historical development with charts. Ent
Super Project Analyzer
Detect dead code in shared files. Combine several analyses to detect dead code in source code files that are being shared between several projects. Pro, Ent
VB.NET compatibility check
Review VB6 code for .NET issues. Ent

Miscellaneous features

Archive project files
Backup code to a .zip file.
Flow charts
Send selected code to Visustin for flowcharting. Requires Visustin, which is another product.