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You can order Aivosto software online or offline. Pay by credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, check or others. You will receive your software license by email. The email will include the necessary instructions to download, install and unlock the software. We sell to every country, including yours.

Tax note: The prices displayed on this website are exclusive of any sales or value-added tax. Tax depends on your location. In the European Union, companies buy tax-free by providing their VAT registration number on the order. In the USA, if you are exempt of sales tax, please contact us for instructions.

1. Order by credit card or PayPal

Online orders from BlueSnap, USA

Order securely from our online reseller BlueSnap, USA. BlueSnap accepts all major credit cards and PayPal. In addition, BlueSnap accepts Skrill, Sofort, local bank transfer and local payment cards in many countries. If your desired payment method is not immediately visible, change the currency on the order form to see all payment options in that currency.

Order online from BlueSnap
Receive software license via email in max 48 hours, usually the same or next day.

2. Order by bank transfer

Direct from Aivosto Oy, Finland

Order from Aivosto by bank transfer. Bank transfer cost is paid by buyer.

Bank transfer, pre-paid. Request invoice. Send an international bank transfer (wire transfer) to Aivosto's account in Finland. Receive software license via email when your payment appears in our bank. Payment in euro is preferred, but you may ask to pay in another currency.

Invoice 30 days net. Aivosto accepts purchase orders on invoice from existing corporate customers. Send your order to our email address. Payment terms are 30 days net by international bank transfer. This option is for existing customers only; new customers are required to pay in advance.