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RegExpr v1.12 for VB & VBA

Regular expressions module for:
Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0
Visual Basic for Applications (Word, Excel, Access)

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RegExpr for VB & VBA is a Visual Basic and Visual Basic for Applications module for regular expression matching. Regular expressions are used for matching string patterns, as well as replacing them, in several programming tools, like Perl or Grep. Regular expressions are somewhat similar to but much more powerful than VB's built-in Like statement.

RegExpr for VB & VBA was developed to mimic the behavior of regular expressions in the Perl programming language.


Regular expression syntax rules
- Subexpressions
- Greedy and stingy matching

VB functions in RegExpr
- Flags
- Customizing RegExpr
- Error codes

Differences to Perl
License terms
Version history

RegExpr comes in version for both VB and VBA. The versions are almost similar except for minor differences between VB and the VBA dialects.

RegExpr v1.12 Help

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