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RegExpr is available as source code for Visual Basic 5.0, Visual Basic 6.0, Word 97 or later, Excel 97 or later, and Access 2000 or later. The code is upwards compatible with later versions of the Office applications. For order instructions and prices, please visit www.aivosto.com.

Licensing explained

The standard license for RegExpr is the single license. A single license could be described as "developer license". It includes the full source code and the license for one developer to use it in any number of programs and on any number of installations.

Each developer that uses RegExpr needs a separate license. You may include RegExpr in your projects even if more developers work on them, provided that you have one license for each developer that writes calls to RegExpr.

You can distribute RegExpr in any number of programs, provided that they are compiled in binary executable form. If you need to distribute the source code as part of a larger program, please see the full license terms.

Full license terms


All licenses include all future versions of RegExpr. No new versions are planned to be released, though.

Upgrade from old v1.0 licenses

If you have obtained licenses for RegExpr 1.0 for VB/VBA during 1998 to 2002, you have the right to upgrade for free to version 1.1x, provided that you agree to the new license terms. The following upgrade conditions apply.

Old v1.0 licenseNew v1.1x license
1 Single license=>1 Single license
1 Distribution license=>1 Single license
1 Unlimited distribution license=>2 Single licenses

Please note that in the new license terms, licensing is done per developer. The old terms allowed any number of developers. In the upgrade, your old license is terminated, and the new terms will be in effect immediately.

Version history


The software is provided 'as is'. No claims about the correctness of RegExpr are made, although the sincere objective of RegExpr is to provide features similar to regular expressions in Perl. The intention of the author is to try to remove all bugs if such creatures should appear in the RegExpr code.

For order instructions, please visit www.aivosto.com.

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