Virus alert: "Visustin Hacktool" and cracks are malware

Looking for Visustin crackz, serialz, torrents, keygen or warez version? Download Visustin Hacktool? You'll be downloading a virus.

Crackers break into your PC by offering faked cracks, keygens, hack tools or other warez. Clever, isn't it? Instead of a free Visustin full version you'll get major pain, such as a trojan or ransomware (cryptolocker).

Known security threats:
"Visustin v4.03 Hacktool" installs a backdoor (W32/Backdoor, HEUR/Crypted).
"Visustin v5.02 full version" is not what the title claims.
"Crack.Visustin.6.0.exe" installs Adware.WinPump.A.
"Keygen.Visustin.6.0.exe" installs a Trojan.
"Visustin V7.0 Keygen" is a fake, found on malware/phishing sites.
"Visustin (full cracked)" is a malicious version.
"Visustin patch" does not patch Visustin at all.

For your own safety, avoid shady downloads and torrents. Only install copies that you have personally downloaded from this web site. Verify the download is digitally signed by Aivosto Oy. Obviously, you also need decent antivirus. Unfortunately, antivirus programs are not to trust with warez: rootkits and other infections may go undetected until it's too late. You don't want your PC to turn into a bot, do you?

If malware disguised as Visustin has already infected your PC, please contact us. Anonymously, if you prefer. Let's warn the others.

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