Flowcharting service – Free for 3 files

Sample flow chart

Visustin is an automated flow chart generator for software developers. To evaluate how Visustin works with your source code, we can make you 1–3 flow charts for free.


If the code includes Chinese text, please save it as UTF-8 and mention Simplified or Traditional Chinese. Otherwise the Chinese may not show up correctly.

Note: It may take 2–3 weeks to receive the free flow charts. Thank you for your patience.

This is a free manual service, intended as a demo for 1, 2 or 3 files to help your purchase decision. For more than 3 files, please consider the purchase of Visustin or our Flowcharting service.

Output format. PDF for monitor is the best choice. Choose Visio format if you intend to edit the charts with Visio; PDF works better for other uses. MS Word charts are not useful for a demo. MS Word page size is simply too small for many flow charts. PDF for printing has limited page size, useful if you want it printed on physical paper. For all other uses PDF for monitor is just great.

No student projects please

Unfortunately we cannot flowchart student projects. Sorry. This free flowcharting service is for helping your purchase decision. We cannot generate free flow charts just to impress your professor. We are getting too many requests for that, as it's a free service. Therefore we ignore student exercise programs. But don't worry. You can download the free Visustin demo and create a flow chart by yourself! It takes a few minutes only. As a student, you are also eligible for Visustin educational discount.

Flow charts not received?

If you did any of the "Do not" things above, we simply ignored your request. Sorry. This is a free service; the only requirement is that you follow the instructions. Just follow the easy instructions and you will get free flow charts in return.

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