Visustin - Sample flow charts

This page presents sample flow charts created by Visustin, the flow chart generator software. All diagrams were created programmatically with no human adjustment.

Algorithms flowcharted

Below you can find short algorithms flowcharted. You get to see the same code as a flow chart, UML style activity diagram, Visio diagram and a PDF version. See how much easier it is to understand the code by watching the flow chart rather than by reading the source alone.

Algo­rithm PDF HTML Visio Descrip­tion Lan­guage
Flow UML Flow Flow
DaysInMonth PDF UML HTML Visio Get number of days in a monthVB.NET
IsValidDate PDF UML HTML Visio Deter­mine if date is validVB.NET
RomanNumber PDF UML HTML Visio Convert integer to roman numberVB.NET
Binary GCD PDF UML HTML Visio Get greatest common divisor with shiftsC
Ob­fuscated maze PDF UML HTML Visio Generate maze with obfus­cated codeC
Countingsort PDF UML HTML Visio Sort number arrayC
Selection sort PDF UML HTML Visio Sort number arrayC
Spreadsort PDF UML HTML Visio Sort arrayC
Quick­sort PDF UML HTML Visio Sort number array (recur­sive)C
Quick­sort, iterative PDF UML HTML Visio Sort number array (not recur­sive)C (pseudo)
Uniform binary search PDF UML HTML Visio Find number in arrayC
Check credit card PDF UML HTML Visio Validate credit card numbersJava­Script

Tip: Try printing a PDF file to see how Visustin charts look on your printer.

Algorithms flowcharted and explained

Short articles explaining with flow charts how simple algorithms work.

EscapeHTMLEscape special characters for HTMLVB6
Prime numbersList prime numbers in rangePerl

Greatest Common Denominator flow charts

This example flowcharts the well-known Greatest Common Denominator (GCD) algorithm in various programming languages.

GCD in C GCD in C# GCD in COBOL GCD in Fortran GCD in JavaScript GCD in Pascal GCD in Perl GCD in Python GCD in PureBasic GCD in REALbasic GCD in Visual Basic and Visio version GCD in XSLT GCD in x86 Assembler

If you're interested, compare GCD in C to the Binary GCD algorithm earlier on this page. The algorithms perform the same task, but look different. The binary algorithm seems more complex, don't you think? There are more loops in the binary algorithm as it plays with the simple bit shift operators (>>). That's the where the "binary" comes in its name. The "regular" GCD algorithm manages with a single loop using the more powerful modulo operator (%).

Flow charts in Word format

Visustin can export flow charts to MS Word documents. It is best suited for relatively small flow charts because of the limited page size in Word. For larger charts PDF is more suitable, as you can easily zoom a PDF in and out.