Discontinued products

This page lists historical, discontinued products with Aivosto. Due to changes in development and market conditions, Aivosto has discontinued the development and support of the following old software products. The majority of these programs were from the 1990s and the early 2000s.

ProductAvailability to new customers
ClearSQLNot available from Aivosto.
CodeSMARTNot available from Aivosto. Contact AxTools.
EasyPatchNot available from Aivosto.
Source+Not available from Aivosto. Contact AxTools.
ActiveXplorerNot available.
Ascii7Not available.
DBtoVB WizardNot available.
DB LockNot available.
DB StructureNot available.
EasyAPINot available.
InputBoxNot available.
LinkGraph OCXNot available.
SQLifterNot available.
Studio CompleteNot available.

Group 1: Not available from Aivosto

The product is no longer available through Aivosto. Please contact the current manufacturer.

Group 2: Not available

The product has reached the end of its lifecycle. It is no longer available from Aivosto or anywhere else.

Backup downloads for licensed customers

Backup downloads may be available for existing licensed customers.

Available products

List of available products

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