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To use the flow charts in your documentation you can save them in several file formats and copy them to the clipboard.

Save formats

Visustin can save and export the flow charts in a multitude of file formats. You can save the charts as documents, bitmaps, in vector format, as a web page or export directly to other applications.

Format Type Specific uses Editor
Publication formats
PDF, single page Document View on screen Yes
PDF, multipage Document View on screen No
PDF, paged Document Print Yes
Bitmap formats
BMP Bitmap Yes
GIF Bitmap Yes
JPG Bitmap Yes
PNG Bitmap Yes
TIFF Bitmap Yes
Office documents
Visio (more) * Vector Edit No
Word (more) Document Yes
Vector formats
WMF, EMF Vector Yes
DOT Graph definition Edit with special software No
Web pages
HTML Web page Web No
MHT Web page Archive No
Multi-image formats / Bulk flowcharting
TIFF archive * Multi-page bitmap Archive No
MHT (multi-image) * Multi-page web Archive No
Visustin Editor format
Visustin Editor (.flw) * Flow chart Edit Yes

* Requires Pro Edition.

Choosing a format that fits the use

Show to bossPDF (single page or multipage)
PrintPDF (printer pages)
Import in word processorEMF, PNG, Word
Publish onlinePDF, PNG, HTML
EditFLW, Visio
Store for later referencePDF
Store code with chartPNG, TIFF, MHT
Store all charts in one fileTIFF, MHT
Use with GraphViz toolsDOT

PDF is the best file format, quality and file size considered. Of regular bitmap formats, PNG and GIF are the best ones. JPEG is not a good option because it offers both inferior quality and a larger file size.

Troubleshooting. If saving a large chart fails, you may have exceeded the capabilities of the file format or your computer. Try saving as PDF instead. More about large charts

Publication formats

PDF is the best format to view, distribute and archive your flow charts. Zoom in and navigate. PDF charts come with a high-quality vector format and a surprisingly small file size. Give PDF flow charts to your boss or colleagues. Create PDFs as your project documentation.

Control the page size in the "multipage" and "printer pages" PDFs through Page setup in the File menu. The default page size is that of your printer, commonly Letter or A4. You can use any other size. You can also switch to Portrait or Landscape mode.

The "single page" and "multipage" PDF versions are designed for on-screen use and do not generally print well. Use the "printer pages" option for print-outs.

Bitmap formats

Bitmap file formats are useful for all kinds of documentation.

Office documents

Vector formats

Vector formats are good for exporting pictures that need to be resized or edited. The picture consists of lines and other shapes. Vector formats typically takes less memory and allows lossless zoom in/out. Not all programs support vector files.

Web pages

HTML is optimized for Internet Explorer 10+, Firefox and Chrome. MHT is optimized for Internet Explorer 10+.

Bulk flowcharting multi-image formats

Pro Edition only

The following file formats are specific to the bulk flowcharting feature. These formats save several images in a single file. This makes it easy to archive a group of related flow charts. As an example, you can document a small program in a single file.

Visustin Editor format

Pro Edition only

Read-only file formats (legacy support)

Earlier versions of Visustin saved in the following file formats as well. The current version of Visustin can read existing files, but it does not save in these formats.

The "with code" formats saved original source code along with the flow chart. You can view the code by opening the file in Visustin. This way you get to see the original code even if you have changed the program meanwhile. Images in the "with source code" files are fully compatible with all applications. The source code in the files is not standards compatible. Other applications are unlikely to display the source code. They will display the image, but not the code in it. See also: Extended file formats

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Saving is disabled in the demo version.

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