Codepages: Comprehensive list

A comprehensive list of codepages including all IBM, Microsoft and Mac codepages, as well as additional character sets.

Codepages, or character sets, tell us which characters are available in a given computer system. They also show which numbers represent which character. Codepages are typically versions of either ASCII or EBCDIC. There are also some symbol code pages.

A large number of codepages have been defined, especially prior to the Unicode era. Some pages are based on a standard, while the large majority of pages are "industry standard", that is, not formally standardized. IBM has been the major player in defining codepages. Other vendors such as Microsoft, HP, Apple and Adobe have defined their own codepages. Unfortunately there is no central registry of codepages, nor is there any universally accepted standard for their numbers.

This is an attempt to build a comprehensive list of codepages. Due to lack of standardization, the names and numbers of codepages vary from source to source. Sources also disagree on which characters appear at which positions. Different vendors have made different interpretations of the same standard or added their own extended characters. The reader should consult the original sources for the actual definitions and details of each codepage.

See also: Character sets

About the list

The list is based on IBM codepages (IBM CP). A number of important non-IBM pages have been listed too. Non-IBM pages lack an IBM CP number. Matching Microsoft codepage numbers (MS CP) have been listed.

In addition to codepages, IBM also uses a term called CCSID (Coded Character Set ID). A coded character set consists of one or more codepages. The list here is mostly based on CP numbers. Where there is no CP number, a CCSID has been used instead. In the list, a CCSID is prefixed by the letters CC.

The names of the codepages are not standardized. In fact, they vary from source to source. Because of this, a large number of codepages have been renamed here. Cryptic vendor-specific names have been rewritten in a more descriptive and coherent way.

The list includes codepages from:

  • IBM: All codepages listed in IBM sources.
  • Microsoft: All codepages supported by Windows.
  • Mac: All codepages listed in the Unicode database.
  • Other: Additional well-known codepages, including ISO 8859 and some non-standard DOS codepages.

Codepages: Comprehensive list

Plain text version

IBM CPMS CPNameInfoIBM chartIBM infoOther info
1EBCDIC USA WP, Original
3EBCDIC USA, Accounting, Version A
4EBCDIC United States
5EBCDIC United States
6EBCDIC Latin America (Puerto Rico, Costa Rica)
7EBCDIC Germany F.R./Austria
8EBCDIC Germany F.R.
9EBCDIC France, Belgium
10EBCDIC Canada (English)
11EBCDIC Canada (French)
12EBCDIC Italy
13EBCDIC Netherlands
14EBCDIC Spain
15EBCDIC Switzerland (French)
16EBCDIC Switzerland (French/German)
17EBCDIC Switzerland (German)
18EBCDIC Sweden/Finland
19EBCDIC Sweden/Finland WP, Version 2
20EBCDIC Denmark/Norway
21EBCDIC Brazil
22EBCDIC Portugal
23EBCDIC United Kingdom
24EBCDIC United Kingdom
25EBCDIC Japan (Latin)
26EBCDIC Japan (Latin)
27EBCDIC Greece (Latin)
29EBCDIC Iceland
30EBCDIC Turkey
31EBCDIC South Africa
32EBCDIC Czecho­slovakia (Czech/Slovak)
33EBCDIC Czecho­slovakia
34EBCDIC Czecho­slovakia
35EBCDIC Romania
36EBCDIC Romania
3737EBCDIC USA/Canada - CECPIBM 37 Version 1 (Version 0 is IBM 1070). Euro version is IBM 1140.
38EBCDIC US - ASCII Character Set
39EBCDIC United Kingdom, Israel (Latin)
40EBCDIC United Kingdom
251EBCDIC China (Hong Kong S.A.R.)
252EBCDIC Poland
254EBCDIC Hungary
256EBCDIC International #1Superseded by IBM 500
257EBCDIC International #2
258EBCDIC International #3
259Symbols, Set 7 (EBCDIC Symbols WP)
260EBCDIC Canadian French - 116
264EBCDIC Print Train & Text Processing Extended
27320273EBCDIC Germany F.R./Austria - CECPIBM 273 Version 1. Euro version is IBM 1141.
274EBCDIC Belgium OldIBM 274 Version 1.
275EBCDIC Brazil - CECPIBM 275 Version 1.
276EBCDIC Canada (French) - 94
27720277EBCDIC Denmark, Norway - CECPIBM 277 Version 1. Euro version is IBM 1142.
27820278EBCDIC Finland, Sweden - CECPIBM 278 Version 1. Euro version is IBM 1143.
279EBCDIC French - 94
28020280EBCDIC Italy - CECPIBM 280 Version 1. Euro version is IBM 1144.
281EBCDIC Japan (Latin) - CECPIBM 281 Version 1.
282EBCDIC Portugal - CECPIBM 282 Version 1.
283EBCDIC Spain - 190
28420284EBCDIC Spain/Latin America - CECPIBM 284 Version 1. Euro version is IBM 1145.
28520285EBCDIC United Kingdom - CECPIBM 285 Version 1. Euro version is IBM 1146.
286EBCDIC Austria/Germany F.R., Alternate3270
287EBCDIC Denmark/Norway, Alternate3270
288EBCDIC Finland/Sweden, Alternate3270
289EBCDIC Spain, Alternate3270
29020290EBCDIC Japanese (Katakana) ExtendedSBCS
29720297EBCDIC France - CECPIBM 297 Version 1 (Version 0 is IBM 1081). Euro version is IBM 1147.
298EBCDIC Japan (Katakana)
300EBCDIC Japan (Kanji) DBCSExtended Japanese DBCS-Host for JIS X0213
301IBM-PC Japan (Kanji) DBCSCharacter set is superset of JIS X 0208. Subset of IBM 942.
310Graphic Escape APL/TN3270. Includes 10 additional APL/2 characters
320EBCDIC Hungary
321EBCDIC Yugoslavia
322EBCDIC Turkey
330EBCDIC International #4 (ROECE/Latin, Multilingual)
351EBCDIC GDDM Default (USA)
352Printing and Publishing Option
355PTTC/BCD Standard Option
357PTTC/BCD H Option
358PTTC/BCD Correspondence Option
359PTTC/BCD Monocase Option
360PTTC/BCD Duocase Option
361EBCDIC Publishing InternationalAPF 38xx/4250
363Symbols, Set 8
36720127ASCIIANSI X3.4, ISO 646-1991 IRV
382EBCDIC Publishing Austria, Germany F.R.38xx/4250
383EBCDIC Publishing Belgium38xx/4250
384EBCDIC Publishing Brazil38xx/4250
385EBCDIC Publishing Canada (French)38xx/4250
386EBCDIC Publishing Denmark, Norway38xx/4250
387EBCDIC Publishing Finland, Sweden38xx/4250
388EBCDIC Publishing France38xx/4250
389EBCDIC Publishing Italy38xx/4250
390EBCDIC Publishing Japan (Latin)38xx/4250
391EBCDIC Publishing Portugal38xx/4250
392EBCDIC Publishing Spain, Philippines38xx/4250
393EBCDIC Publishing Latin America (Spanish Speaking)38xx/4250
394EBCDIC Publishing China (Hong Kong), UK, Ireland38xx/4250
395EBCDIC Publishing Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada (English)38xx/4250
410EBCDIC Cyrillic, Multilingual
42020420EBCDIC Arabic Bilingual
421EBCDIC Maghreb/French
42320423EBCDIC Greek - 183
42420424EBCDIC Hebrew (Bulletin Code)
425EBCDIC Arabic/Latin for OS/390 Open Edition
435EBCDIC Teletext Isomorphic
437437DOS USAOriginal IBM "PC-ASCII" codepage. Also known as OEM United States.
500500EBCDIC International #5"500V1". Euro version is IBM 1148.
(667)DOS Mazovia (Polish, zloty)Non-standard DOS codepage, see 991.
(668)DOS SlavicNon-standard DOS codepage 668 for PTS-DOS. Eastern Europe.
708DOS Arabic (ASMO 708)Based on ASMO 708 and ISO 8859-6.
709DOS Arabic (ASMO-449+, BCON V4)Based on ASMO 449.
710DOS Arabic (Transparent Arabic)Arabic MS-DOS 3.3
711DOS Arabic (Nafitha Enhanced)
720720DOS Arabic (Transparent ASMO)
ASMO 449Arabic 7-bit. ISO-IR 89, ISO 9036
ASMO 449+Arabic 7-bit
737737DOS GreekGreek II. Former 437 G.
(770)DOS BalticUnofficial DOS codepage 770. Lithuanian Standard RST 1095-89.
(771)DOS Lithuanian and Russian (KBL)Unofficial DOS codepage 771.
(772)DOS Lithuanian and RussianUnofficial DOS codepage 772. Lithuanian Standard LST 1284:1993. Standard superseded by IBM 775. Identical to IBM 1119.
(773)DOS Baltic/Lithuanian (old standard)Unofficial DOS codepage 773. Mix of 771 and 775.
(774)DOS LithuanianUnofficial DOS codepage 774. Lithuanian Standard LST 1283:1993. Identical to IBM 1118.
775775DOS Baltic RimEstonian, Lithuanian and Latvian. Lithuanian Standard LST 1590-1.
(776)DOS LithuanianUnofficial DOS codepage 776. Lithuanian 770 extended.
(777)DOS Accented Lithuanian (old)Unofficial DOS codepage 777. Lithuanian 771 extended.
(778)DOS Accented LithuanianUnofficial DOS codepage 778. Lithuanian 775 extended.
(790)DOS Mazovia (Polish)Non-standard DOS codepage 790 (also known as 896).
803EBCDIC Hebrew Character Set A (Old Code)
806IBM-PC Indian Script Code (ISCII-91)
808DOS Cyrillic, Russian (Euro)Based on IBM 866
81328597ISO 8859-7 GreekLatin/Greek
81928591ISO 8859-1 Latin 1 (Western European)
(819)Windows 3.1 (United States and Western Europe)Appears as 819 in Microsoft RTF specification. Apparently a previous number for what became later known as codepage 1252.
829Host Math Symbols - Publishing
83320833EBCDIC Korean ExtendedSBCS
834EBCDIC Korean HangulKSC5601. DBCS with UDCs.
835EBCDIC Traditional Chinese DBCSTaiwan CNS11643 Extended
836EBCDIC Simplified Chinese ExtendedPeople's Republic of China
837EBCDIC Simplified Chinese DBCSPeople's Republic of China, GB2312 Extended
83820838EBCDIC Thai with Low Tone Marks & Ancient CharactersEuro version is IBM 1160
848DOS Cyrillic Ukrainian (Euro)Euro version of IBM 1125
849DOS Cyrillic Belorussian (Euro)Euro version of IBM 1131
850850DOS Latin 1 (Western European)Multilingual
851851DOS Greek 1Obsolete
852852DOS Latin 2 (Central European)Slavic/Eastern European
853DOS Latin 3 (Southern European)Turkish. Replaced by Latin 5.
855855DOS CyrillicCyrillic I. Obsolete. Primarily Russian. Euro version is IBM 872.
856DOS Hebrew
857857DOS Latin 5 (Turkish)
858858DOS Latin 1 (Euro)Based on IBM 850. Changed dotless i to €.
859DOS Latin 9Based on IBM 850. Same changes as in ISO 8859-1 to 8859-15 except dotless i replaced with €. ¤ remains.
860860DOS Portuguese
861861DOS Icelandic
862862DOS HebrewBasis of IBM 867
863863DOS Canadian French
864864DOS Arabic
865865DOS NordicDanish, Norwegian
866866DOS Cyrillic #2 (Russian)Cyrillic II. CIS 1. Based on alternative character set of GOST 19768-87. Euro version is IBM 808.
867DOS IsraelBased on IBM 862
(867)DOS Kamenický (Czecho­slovakia)Non-standard DOS codepage 867 (also known as 895). Czech and Slovak.
868DOS Urdu
869869DOS Greek 2Supersedes codepage 851
870870EBCDIC Latin 2Revised as IBM 1110. Euro version is IBM 1153.
87120871EBCDIC IcelandEuro version is IBM 1149
872DOS Cyrillic (Euro)Euro version of IBM 855
874DOS Thai with Low Tone Marks & Ancient CharsExtended version of ISO 8859-11. Euro version is IBM 1161. Microsoft version is IBM 1162.
875875EBCDIC GreekSupersedes IBM 423
876OCR A
877OCR B
87820866KOI8-R (Russian)RFC 1489
88020880EBCDIC Cyrillic, MultilingualRevision of IBM 410
DKOI (Cyrillic)GOST 19768-74 / ST SEV 358-76, ST SEV 358-88 / GOST 19768-93, CSN 36 9103. Differs from 880 in 2 characters.
881EBCDIC United States - 5080 Graphics System
882EBCDIC United Kingdom - 5080 Graphics System
883EBCDIC Sweden - 5080 Graphics System
884EBCDIC Germany F.R. - 5080 Graphics System
885EBCDIC France - 5080 Graphics System
886EBCDIC Italy - 5080 Graphics System
887EBCDIC Japan - 5080 Graphics System
888EBCDIC France AZERTY - 5080 Graphics System
889EBCDIC Thailand
890EBCDIC Yugoslavia
891DOS KoreaTargetted to be tagged as "Obsolete" (IBM 2007)
895Japan 7-Bit LatinISO646-JP, JIS-Roman, ISO-IR 014
(895)DOS Kamenický (Czecho­slovakia)Non-standard DOS codepage 895 (also known as 867). Czech and Slovak.
DOS MIK (Bulgarian)Non-standard DOS codepage.
896Japan 7-Bit Katakana ExtendedHalf-Width Katakana
897IBM-PC Japan #1 SBCSJISX0201-1976. Used with IBM 301. IBM 1041 is a superset of 897.
898IBM-PC Word Processing Multilingual
899IBM-PC SymbolSame graphics as IBM 259
901IBM-PC Baltic Multi (Euro)Euro version of IBM 921
902IBM-PC Estonia (Euro)Euro version of IBM 922
903IBM-PC People's Republic of ChinaTargetted to be tagged as "Obsolete" (IBM 2007)
904IBM-PC TaiwanTargetted to be tagged as "Obsolete" (IBM 2007)
90520905EBCDIC Latin 3Turkish
906International Set #5 3812/3820
907ASCII APL (3812)
909IBM-PC APL2 Extended (USA)
911IBM-PC Japan #2
91228592ISO 8859-2 Latin 2 (Central European)IBM 912 is an extended version of ISO 8859-2. MS 28592 is identical to ISO 8859-2.
91328593ISO 8859-3 Latin 3 (South European)Turkish, Maltese, Esperanto.
91428594ISO 8859-4 Latin 4 (North European)Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Greenlandic, Sami.
91528595ISO 8859-5 CyrillicLatin/Cyrillic. IBM 915 is an extended version of ISO 8859-5. MS 28595 is identical to ISO 8859-5.
91628598ISO 8859-8 HebrewLatin/Hebrew. MS 28598 is visual ordering (see MS 38598).
38598ISO 8859-8 Hebrew (ISO-Logical)Logical ordering. See MS 28598.
918EBCDIC Urdu BilingualUrdu, English
919ISO 8859-10 Latin 6 (Nordic)
92028599ISO 8859-9 Latin 5 (Turkish)
92128603ISO 8859-13 Latin 7 (Baltic Rim)IBM 921 is an extended version of ISO 8859-13. Euro version is IBM 901. MS 28603 is identical to ISO 8859-13.
922IBM-PC EstoniaEstonian Standard EVS 8:1993 (table 3.1). Unrelated but similar to ISO 8859. Euro version is IBM 902.
92328605ISO 8859-15 Latin 9
92420924EBCDIC Latin 9Based on IBM 1047
926Korean PC DBCS
927Traditional Chinese PC DBCSTaiwan
928Simplified Chinese PC DBCSPeople's Republic of China
929Thai PC DBCS
CC93050930EBCDIC Japan MIXIBM 290 + IBM 300
CC93150931EBCDIC Japan MIXIBM 37 + IBM 300
CC932IBM-PC Japan MIXIBM 897 + IBM 301. Subset of IBM 942.
CC93350933EBCDIC Korea MIXIBM 833 + IBM 843
CC934IBM-PC Korea MIXIBM 891 + IBM 926
CC93550935EBCDIC Simplified Chinese MIXIBM 836 + IBM 837
CC93650936IBM-PC Simplified Chinese MIXIBM 903 + IBM 928
CC93750937EBCDIC Traditional Chinese MIXIBM 37 + IBM 835
CC938IBM-PC Traditional Chinese MIXIBM 904 + IBM 927
CC93950939EBCDIC Japan MIXIBM 1027 + IBM 300
941IBM-PC Japanese DBCS for Open environment
CC942IBM-PC Japan MIXIBM 1041 + IBM 301
CC943932IBM-PC Japan OPEN (Windows)IBM 897 + IBM 941. Windows31-J, Shift-JIS.
CC944IBM-PC Korea MIXIBM 1040 + IBM 926
CC946IBM-PC Simplified ChineseIBM 1042 + IBM 928
947IBM-PC Pure DBCS for Big-5Taiwan, Hong Kong S.A.R. Traditional Chinese. Subset of IBM 950.
CC948IBM-PC Traditional ChineseIBM 1043 + IBM 927. Superset of CS938.
CC949IBM-PC Korea KSIBM 1088 + IBM 951. IBM KS Code.
CC950950IBM-PC Traditional Chinese MIXTaiwan. IBM 1114 + IBM 947. IBM BIG-5. Euro version CS1370.
951IBM-PC Korean DBCSIBM KS Code (10104 characters)
952EUC Japanese for JIS X 0208Japanese EUC G1 - JIS X208-1990
953EUC Japanese for JIS X 0212Japanese EUC G3 - JIS X 0212-1990
CC954EUC JapaneseIBM 895 + IBM 952 + IBM 896 + IBM 953
955TCP Japanese, JIS X0208-1978
CC956TCP JapaneseIBM 895 + IBM 952 + IBM 896 + IBM 953
CC957TCP JapaneseIBM 895 + IBM 952 + IBM 896 + IBM 953
CC958TCP JapaneseIBM 895 + IBM 952 + IBM 896 + IBM 953
CC959TCP JapaneseIBM 895 + IBM 952 + IBM 896 + IBM 953
960Traditional Chinese DBCS-EUC SICGCC Primary set (1st plane)Taiwan, Hong Kong EUC G1 - CNS 11643 plane 1 primary
961Traditional Chinese TBCS-EUC SICGCC Full set + IBM Select + UDCTaiwan, Hong Kong EUC G2 - CNS 11643 remainder. ISO 7 triple-byte code set.
963Traditional Chinese TCP, CNS 11643 plane 2 only
CC964EUC Traditional ChineseTaiwan. IBM 367 + IBM 960 + IBM 961.
CC965TCP Traditional ChineseIBM 367 + IBM 960 + IBM 963
CC970EUC KoreanIBM 367 + IBM 971
971EUC Korean DBCS (G1, KSC 5601)Korean EUC G1 - KS C5601-1989 (incl 188 UDC).
(991)DOS Mazovia (Polish, zloty)Non-standard DOS codepage 991 (also known as 667). With zloty sign.
DOS CWI-1Hungarian
DOS CWI-2Hungarian
DOS Iran SystemPersian
1002EBCDIC DCF Release 2 Compatibility
1003EBCDIC DCF, US Text Subset
1004Latin-1 Extended, Desk Top Publishing/WindowsOS/2. Similar to Windows 3.1 version of codepage 1252, extended with 7 punctuation characters added and ƒ removed. HP PCL symbol set 9J "PC-1004" (PU).
1005EBCDIC Isomophic Text Communication
1006ISO 8-Bit Urdu
1007EBCDIC Arabic (XCOM2)
1008ISO 8-Bit Arabic
1009ISO 7-Bit IRVISO 646:1983 IRV
1010ISO 7-Bit FranceISO646-FR. French Standard AFNOR NF Z 62-010 (1982).
101120106ISO 7-Bit Germany F.R.ISO646-DE, DEC VT220 German NRC Set, DIN 66003
1012ISO 7-Bit ItalyISO646-IT, DEC VT220 Italian NRC Set
1013ISO 7-Bit United KingdomISO646-GB
1014ISO 7-Bit SpainISO646-ES2
1015ISO 7-Bit PortugalISO646-PT2
1016ISO 7-Bit NorwayISO646-NO, Norwegian Standard NS 4551
1017ISO 7-Bit DenmarkDenmark Standard DS 2089
1018ISO 7-Bit Finland/SwedenISO646-FI, ISO646-SE
1019ISO 7-Bit Netherlands
1020ISO 7-Bit Canadian (French) VariantISO646-CA Canada, DEC VT220 French Canadian NRC Set
1021DEC Swiss NRC SetDEC VT220
1023DEC Spanish NRC SetDEC VT220
1024EBCDIC Encoding of T.61 (BTTX) CharactersTeletext
102521025EBCDIC Cyrillic, MultilingualRevision of IBM 880. Euro version is IBM 1154.
10261026EBCDIC Latin 5 (Turkey)Supersedes IBM 905. Euro version is IBM 1155.
1027EBCDIC Japanese (Latin) ExtendedJISX0201-1976 Extended
1028EBCDIC Publishing Hebrew
1029Arabic Extended
1030EBCDIC Japanese (Katakana) Extended
1031EBCDIC Japanese (Latin) Extended
1032MICR, E13-B Combined
1033MICR, CMC-7 Combined
1034Printer Application - Shipping Label, Set #2
103620261CCITT T.61 (BTTX) Code Page
1037EBCDIC Korea - 5080/6090 Graphics System
1038Adobe PostScript Symbol Set
1039GML Compatibility
1040IBM-PC Korean ExtendedUsed with IBM 834. Targetted to be tagged as "Obsolete" (IBM 2007).
1041IBM-PC Japanese ExtendedJISX0201 Extended. Used with IBM 301. Superset of IBM 897.
1042IBM-PC Simplified Chinese ExtendedPeople's Republic of China. Targetted to be tagged as "Obsolete" (IBM 2007).
1043IBM-PC Traditional Chinese ExtendedTaiwan. Targetted to be tagged as "Obsolete" (IBM 2007).
1044Printer Application - Shipping Label, Set #1
1046IBM-PC Arabic Extended (Euro)
10471047EBCDIC Latin 1/Open SystemsEuro version is IBM 924
1050HP Roman Extension
1051HP Roman-8HP PCL symbol set 8U "Roman-8" (R8)
HP Roman-9HP PCL symbol set 4U "Roman-9" (R9). Euro version of 1051.
1052HP Gothic LegalHP PCL symbol set 1U "Legal" (LG)
1053HP Gothic 1HP PCL symbol set 0N "ISO 8859-1 Latin 1" (E1). Version of ISO 8859-1.
1054HP ASCIIHP PCL symbol set 0U "ISO 6: ASCII"
1055HP PC Line
1056HP PC Line Draw
1057HP IBM - USHP PCL symbol set 10U "PC-8" (PC). Close to 437.
1058HP IBM - DNHP PCL symbol set 11U "PC-8 Danish/Norwegian" (PD)
HP Windows CP1252-obsHP PCL symbol set 9U "Windows CP1252-obs." (WO). Windows 2.0 ANSI codepage with euro symbol added in 1999.
HP SymbolHP PCL symbol set 19M "Symbol Font" (AS). Similar to 1038 but euro symbol in hex 240 while 1038 has euro in octal 240.
HP PS TextHP PCL symbol set 10J "PS Text" (TS)
HP MC TextHP PCL symbol set 12J "MC Text" (MC)
HP PS-MathHP PCL symbol set 5M "PS-Math" (MS)
HP Math-8HP PCL symbol set 8M "Math-8" (M8)
HP Pi FontHP PCL symbol set 15U "Pi Font" (PI)
HP DeskTopHP PCL symbol set 7J "DeskTop" (DT)
HP Microsoft PublishingHP PCL symbol set 6J "Microsoft Publishing" (PB)
1068EBCDIC DCF Compatibility
1069EBCDIC Latin 4
1070EBCDIC USA/Canada (Version 0)IBM 37 Version 0. See also IBM 37.
1071EBCDIC Germany F.R./Austria
1073EBCDIC Brazil
1074EBCDIC Denmark, Norway
1075EBCDIC Finland, Sweden
1076EBCDIC Italy
1077EBCDIC Japan (Latin)
1078EBCDIC Portugal
1079EBCDIC Spain/Latin America (Version 0)IBM 284 Version 0
1080EBCDIC United Kingdom
1081EBCDIC France (Version 0)IBM 297 Version 0
1082EBCDIC Israel (Hebrew)
1083EBCDIC Israel (Hebrew)
1084EBCDIC International #5 (Version 0)IBM 500 Version 0
1085EBCDIC Iceland
1086IBM-PC Japan #1
1087EBCDIC Symbol Set (Adobe)
1088IBM-PC Revised KoreanSBCS. Used with Korean IBM 951.
108928596ISO 8859-6 ArabicLatin/Arabic. ASMO 708, ISO-IR 127, ECMA-114
1090DEC Special GraphicsDEC VT220. Special Characters and Line Drawing Set.
DEC Technical Character Set (TCS)VT330 and VT420 onwards
1091Modified Symbols, Set 7
1092IBM-PC Modified Symbols
1093IBM Logo
1097EBCDIC Farsi BilingualFarsi, English
1098DOS FarsiFarsi, English
1100DEC MultinationalDEC VT220 8-bit. DEC-MCS.
1101DEC British NRC SetDEC VT220 7-bit
1102DEC Dutch NRC SetDEC VT220 7-bit
1103DEC Finnish NRC SetDEC VT220 7-bit. Differs from 1106 in one character (@).
1104DEC French NRC SetDEC VT220 7-bit. ISO646-FR1, NF Z 62-010.
1105DEC Norwegian/Danish NRC SetDEC VT220 7-bit
1106DEC Swedish NRC SetDEC VT220 7-bit
1107DEC Norwegian/Danish NRC Alternate SetDEC VT220 7-bit
1108DITROFF Base Compatibility
1109DITROFF Specials Compatibility
1110EBCDIC Latin 2 (Euro)Revision of 870. Code point 90 changed.
1111Latin 2
1112EBCDIC Baltic MultilingualEstonian, Latvian, Lithuanian
1113EBCDIC Latin 6
1114IBM-PC TaiwanTraditional Chinese (Big5)
1115IBM-PC People's Republic of ChinaSimplified Chinese (GB) SBCS
1116IBM-PC Estonia
1117IBM-PC Latvia
1118IBM-PC Lithuania
1119IBM-PC Lithuanian and Russian
1122EBCDIC EstoniaEuro version is IBM 1157
1123EBCDIC Cyrillic, UkraineEuro version is IBM 1158
1124ISO 8-Bit Cyrillic, Ukraine
1125IBM-PC Cyrillic, UkrainianEuro version is IBM 848
1126IBM-PC KoreanUsed with IBM 1362
1127IBM-PC Arabic/French
1129ISO 8-Bit VietnameseEuro version is IBM 1163
1130EBCDIC VietnameseEuro version is IBM 1164
1131IBM-PC Data, Cyrillic, BelorussianEuro version is IBM 849
1132EBCDIC Lao
1133ISO 8-bit Lao
1136EBCDIC Hitachi Katakana
1137EBCDIC Devanagari
1139Japan Alphanumeric Katakana
11401140EBCDIC USA, Canada, etc. ECECP (Euro)Euro version of IBM 37
11411141EBCDIC Austria, Germany ECECP (Euro)Euro version of IBM 273
11421142EBCDIC Denmark, Norway ECECP (Euro)Euro version of IBM 277
11431143EBCDIC Finland, Sweden ECECP (Euro)Euro version of IBM 278
11441144EBCDIC Italy ECECP (Euro)Euro version of IBM 280
11451145EBCDIC Spain, Latin America (Spanish) ECECP (Euro)Euro version of IBM 284
11461146EBCDIC UK ECECP (Euro)Euro version of IBM 285
11471147EBCDIC France ECECP (Euro)Euro version of IBM 297
11481148EBCDIC International ECECP (Euro)Euro version of IBM 500
11491149EBCDIC Iceland ECECP (Euro)Euro version of IBM 871
1150EBCDIC Korean extended w/ box characters
1151EBCDIC Simplified Chinese extended w/ box characters
1152EBCDIC Traditional Chinese extended w/ box characters
1153EBCDIC Latin 2 Multilingual (Euro)Euro version of IBM 870
1154EBCDIC Cyrillic, Multilingual (Euro)Euro version of IBM 1025
1155EBCDIC Turkey (Euro)Euro version of IBM 1026
1156EBCDIC Baltic Multi (Euro)Euro version of IBM 1112
1157EBCDIC Estonia (Euro)Euro version of IBM 1122
1158EBCDIC Cyrillic, Ukraine (Euro)Euro version of IBM 1123
1159EBCDIC Traditional ChineseSubset of IBM 1140
1160EBCDIC Thai with Low Tone Marks & Ancient CharactersEuro version of IBM 838
1161DOS Thai with Low Tone Marks & Ancient CharsEuro version of IBM 874
1162874Windows ThaiExtended version of ISO 8859-11. Microsoft 874 and IBM 874 are different.
1163ISO 8-bit Vietnamese (Euro)Euro version of IBM 1129
1164EBCDIC Vietnamese (Euro)Euro version of IBM 1130
1165EBCDIC Latin 2/Open SystemsOS/390 UNIX Systems Services
1166EBCDIC Cyrillic, Multilingual (Euro)Based on IBM 1154
KOI-7 (Russian)7-bit. GOST 13052, GOST 27463
KOI8-EExtension of KOI-8 for Belarusian, Macedonian, Serbian and Ukrainian. ISO-IR 111, ECMA-113
1167KOI8-RU (Belarusian / Ukrainian)
116821866KOI8-U (Ukrainian)
1169Cyrillic Asian (Windows)
12501250Windows Latin 2 (Central European)
12511251Windows Cyrillic
12521252Windows Latin 1 (Western European)"Windows ANSI"
12531253Windows Greek
12541254Windows Turkish
12551255Windows Hebrew
12561256Windows Arabic
12571257Windows BalticEstonian, Latvian, Lithuanian
12581258Windows Vietnamese
127510000Mac Latin 1Mac Roman
1276Adobe PostScript Standard EncodingStandard­Encoding
1277Adobe PostScript Latin 1ISOLatin1­Encoding
1278EBCDIC Adobe PostScript Standard Encoding
128010006Mac GreekMac Greek 1
128110081Mac Turkish
128210029Mac Central EuropeanMac Latin 2
128310007Mac Cyrillic
128410082Mac Croatian
128510010Mac Romanian
128610079Mac Icelandic
10001Mac Japanese
10002Mac Chinese Traditional
10003Mac Korean
10004Mac Arabic
10005Mac Hebrew
10008Mac Chinese Simplified
10017Mac Ukrainian
10021Mac Thai
Mac Celtic
Mac Devanagari
Mac Dingbats
Mac Farsi
Mac Gaelic
Mac Gujarati
Mac Gurmukhi
Mac Inuit
Mac Symbol
1287DEC Greek 8-BitDEC VT220 8-bit
1288DEC Turkish 8-BitDEC VT220 8-bit
1303EBCDIC Bar Code, Code-128
CC1350EUC Japanese (JISeucJP)IBM 367 + IBM 952 + IBM 896 + IBM 953
1351IBM-PC Japanese DBCS
1361Korean (Johab)
1362IBM-PC Korean Hangul DBCS
CC1363949Windows KoreanIBM 1126 + IBM 1362
CC1364EBCDIC KoreanIBM 833 + IBM 834
CC1370IBM-PC Traditional Chinese (Euro) MIX (Big-5)Taiwan. IBM 1114 + IBM 947. Version without euro IBM 950
CC1371EBCDIC Traditional Chinese (Euro) MIXIBM 1159 + IBM 835. Version without euro IBM 937
1372IBM-PC MS T-Chinese Big-5 (Special for DB2)Taiwan, Hong Kong S.A.R. Traditional Chinese. Special BIG-5 codepage for DB2.
1374IBM-PC DB Big-5 extension for HKSCSTaiwan, Hong Kong S.A.R. Traditional Chinese. Big-5 extension of HKSCS DBCS portion.
CC1375Mixed Big-5 extension for HKSCSIntended to match MS-950
1376EBCDIC Traditional Chinese DBCS-Host extension for HKSCS
CC1377Mixed Host HKSCS GrowingIBM 37 + IBM 1376
1380IBM-PC Simplified Chinese GB PC-DATAPeople's Republic of China. DBCS PC (IBM GB2312-80).
CC1381IBM-PC Simplified ChineseIBM 1115 + IBM 1380
1382EUC Simplified ChinesePeople's Republic of China. DBCS PC GB 2312-80.
CC1383EUC Simplified ChineseIBM 367 + IBM 1382
1385Simplified Chinese 2 BytePeople's Republic of China. Growing CS for GB18030, also used for GBK PC-DATA.
CC1386936IBM-PC Simplified Chinese GBKIBM 1114 + IBM 1385
CC1388EBCDIC Simplified Chinese MIXIBM 836 + IBM 837
CC1390EBCDIC Japan MIXIBM 290 + IBM 300. Version without euro IBM 930.
1391Simplified Chinese 4 BytePeople's Republic of China. Growing CS for GB18030, also used for GBK PC-DATA.
CC1392IBM-PC Simplified Chinese MIX (growing) GB18030IBM 1252 + IBM 1385 + IBM 1391
1393Japanese Shift_JISX0213 DBCS
CC1394IBM-PC Japan (Shift_JISx0213)IBM 897 + IBM 1393
CC1399EBCDIC Japan MIXIBM 1027 + IBM 300. Version without euro is IBM 939.
20000CNS Taiwan; Chinese Traditional (CNS)
20001TCA Taiwan
20002Eten Taiwan; Chinese Traditional (Eten)
20003IBM5550 Taiwan
20004TeleText Taiwan
20005Wang Taiwan
20105IA5 (IRV International Alphabet No. 5) IA5 IRV (1973, 1988). ISO 646-1973 IRV. ISO-IR 2.
20107IA5 Swedish (7-bit)ISO646-SE2 Swedish for official writing of names. SEN 85 02 00 Annex C. ISO-IR 11.
20108IA5 Norwegian (7-bit)ISO646-NO2 Norwegian. NS 4551 Version 2. ISO-IR 61.
20269ISO 6937 Non-Spacing Accent
29001Europa 3
20936Simplified Chinese (GB2312-80)
20949Korean Wansung
50220ISO 2022 Japanese (JIS)With no halfwidth Katakana. iso-2022-jp
50221ISO 2022 Japanese (JIS-Allow 1 byte Kana)With halfwidth Katakana
50222ISO 2022 Japanese (JIS-Allow 1 byte Kana - SO/SI)JIS X 0201-1989. iso-2022-jp
50225ISO 2022 Koreaniso-2022-kr
50227ISO 2022 Simplified Chinese
50229ISO 2022 Traditional Chinese
20932EUC Japanese (JIS 0208-1990 and 0121-1990)euc-jp
51932EUC Japaneseeuc-jp
51936EUC Simplified Chineseeuc-cn
51949EUC Koreaneuc-kr
51950EUC Traditional Chinese
52936Simplified Chinese (HZ-GB2312)
54936Simplified Chinese (GB18030) 4-byte
57002ISCII Devanagari
57003ISCII Bengali
57004ISCII Tamil
57005ISCII Telugu
57006ISCII Assamese
57007ISCII Oriya
57008ISCII Kannada
57009ISCII Malayalam
57010ISCII Gujarati
57011ISCII Punjabi
CC1200Unicode UTF-16 Big Endian with IBM PUAWith IBM characters in Private Use Area
CC12011201Unicode UTF-16 Big Endian
CC1202Unicode UTF-16 Little Endian with IBM PUAWith IBM characters in Private Use Area
CC12031200Unicode UTF-16 Little Endian
CC1204Unicode UTF-16 (BOM) with IBM PUAWith BOM Byte Order Mark, or BE if missing
CC1205Unicode UTF-16 (BOM)With BOM Byte Order Mark, or BE if missing
65000Unicode UTF-7
CC1208Unicode UTF-8 with IBM PUAWith IBM characters in Private Use Area
CC120965001Unicode UTF-8
CC1232Unicode UTF-32 Big Endian with IBM PUAWith IBM characters in Private Use Area
CC123312001Unicode UTF-32 Big Endian
CC1234Unicode UTF-32 Little Endian with IBM PUAWith IBM characters in Private Use Area
CC123512000Unicode UTF-32 Little Endian
CC1236Unicode UTF-32 (BOM) IBM PUAWith BOM Byte Order Mark, or BE if missing
CC1237Unicode UTF-32 (BOM)With BOM Byte Order Mark, or BE if missing
1400Unicode Plane 0 (UCS-BMP)Basic Multilingual Plane
1401Unicode Plane 1 (UCS-SMP)Supplementary Multilingual Plane
1402Unicode Plane 2 (UCS-SIP)Supplementary Ideographic Plane
1414Unicode Plane 14 (UCS-SSP)Supplementary Special-purpose Plane
1445Unicode Plane 15 (IBM AFP PUA No. 1)IBM Advanced Function Printing Private User Area No.1
1446Unicode Plane 15 (UCS-PUP15)Private Use Plane 15
1447Unicode Plane 16 (UCS-PUP16)Private Use Plane 16
1448Unicode PUAPrivate Use Area (PUA) in Unicode BMP. Used with code page 1400.
1449Unicode PUA (IBM default)IBM corporate-zone characters for Private Use Area (PUA) in Unicode BMP. Used with code page 1400.
65520Unicode Empty PlaneDesignates an empty code page. Represents any single unpopulated Unicode Plane.
ISO 8859-11 Latin/ThaiExtended versions: IBM 874 and MS 874. ISO-IR 166
ISO 8859-14 Latin 8 (Celtic)Welsh and Irish Gaelic. ISO-IR 199
ISO 8859-16 Latin 10 (South-Eastern European)ISO-IR 226
ANSELISO-IR 231. American National Standard for Extended Latin Alphabet Coded Character Set for Bibliographic Use.
VSCII-1Vietnamese Standard Code for Information Interchange
VSCII-2Vietnamese Standard Code for Information Interchange, ISO-IR 180
VSCII-3Vietnamese Standard Code for Information Interchange
Atari ST
Ventural InternationalVentural Publisher. Based on GEM.
Ventural SymbolVentural Publisher. Close to Adobe PostScript Symbol Set.
PETSCII Original versionOriginal version for Commodore PET (1977). Contains 2 character sets.
PETSCII Commodore PETModified version for Commodore PET. Contains 2 character sets. Also known as PET ASCII and CBM ASCII.
PETSCII Commodore VIC-20Modified version for Commodore VIC-20. Contains 2 character sets. Also known as PET ASCII and CBM ASCII.
PETSCII Commodore 64Thicker version for Commodore 64, 16, 128. Contains 2 character sets. Also known as PET ASCII and CBM ASCII.

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IBM CP. IBM Codepage ID (CPGID).
CCxxx: IBM Coded Character Set ID (CCSID). Far Eastern, consists of 2 or more codepages.
(xxx) This is a non-IBM codepage generally known as codepage xxx.

MS CP. Microsoft codepage number.

Name. An unofficial name of each codepage.
DOS: Codepage for MS-DOS, PC-DOS or another DOS variant, or Windows command line (DOS box).
EBCDIC: Codepage is EBCDIC rather than ASCII-based.
IBM-PC: IBM codepage for PC (possibly PC-DOS).
ISO: Codepage related to an ISO standard.
Mac: Codepage for Apple MacIntosh.
DEC: Codepage used with DEC VT220.
Windows: Codepage for MS Windows, windowed mode.

IBM chart. Link to IBM chart of codepage.
IBM info. Link to IBM information on codepage. Includes chart.
Other info. Link to another (non-IBM) source on codepage. Links to original definition where available.

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