Character sets

History and present of character sets, codepages and control characters. Articles with character tables.

7-bit character sets

ASCII, ISO 646 and IA5 are well-known 128-character sets that are fundamental to computing. Several versions of these standards were released in the past. This article discusses the history of ASCII and related national 7-bit character sets as well as the differences between their versions. Character tables are included.

Codepages: Comprehensive list

A comprehensive list of codepages including all IBM, Microsoft and Mac codepages, as well as additional character sets.

Commodore PETSCII character sets pdf

Commodore computers used innovative but peculiar character sets, totally different from other computers. Also known as PET ASCII or CBM ASCII, these character sets included graphics and oddly duplicated characters, some of which are not found in today's computer systems.

Control characters in ASCII and Unicode

Tens of odd control characters appear in ASCII and Unicode charts. CR, LF, ESC, CAN... what are all these codes for? Should I care about them? This is an in-depth look into control characters in ASCII and its descendants, including Unicode, ANSI and ISO standards.

DOS codepages (and their history)

DOS has supported numerous character sets, also called codepages. This article documents official MS-DOS codepages and also Windows "OEM" codepages and some rare Arabic codepages.

Windows codepages (and their history)

Windows supports a number of character sets besides Unicode. The character sets are also known as ANSI codepages, even though they are not based on any ANSI standard. This article presents the current and historical versions of Windows codepages starting from 1985.

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