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Fontitin is a font and character viewer for Windows. Explore fonts. Examine their character repertoire. Detect missing characters. Find new symbols on your PC. Pick the best font for your job. Look into character sets.

Dig deep into the fonts installed on your PC. View characters by Unicode block, script or codepage. Check which of your fonts support all the characters you need. Understand which characters your favorite font doesn't support. Compare fonts to find characters appearing in one font but not in the other. List fonts that support selected characters while leaving out those fonts that don't. Click a strange character to get more information on its use.

With Fontitin you can

Find out which characters exist in a font, and which characters are missing
which fonts support the characters you need
Locate the character you need but you don't know where it is
new symbols already installed on your PC
List characters by script: Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew etc.
characters by Unicode block or codepage
all special letters required in a foreign language (á, ä, å, …)
all fonts supporting wanted letters, such as arrows, dingbats or diacritic letters of your language
Compare character coverage of different fonts
a font to standard character sets
Detect characters totally missing from your PC
missing letters by language
Learn about Unicode and fonts
about the meaning of Chinese and Japanese characters
Print character lists and tables

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System requirements:
Fontitin supports TrueType and OpenType fonts. It runs on Windows 7, 10 and later. Windows XP may also work.

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Updates: Minor updates are free within one major version number (1.xx 1.yy).

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