Aivosto FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

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Keyword or download lost

Q: Can you resend my keyword or download?

A: Yes. See Keyword request.

Q: I can't install/unlock a new version. Am I entitled to this upgrade?

A: You may be. For most products, minor version updates are free. Try Keyword request to get the latest you're entitled to.


Product activation is required by the current versions of Visustin, Project Analyzer and VBA Plug. It's a simple online process. Offline activation is also possible.

Q: How many times can I install and activate?

A: A single-user license allows 2 installations at a time.

Q: Old activation code doesn't work, why?

A: Each PC requires a new activation code. To get a new code, run the program on the new PC.

Q: Can I get a new activation code?

A: Generally yes. The license allows reinstallation from time to time. New activation is available as long as your license wasn't overused and your free activation period hasn't expired. The limits are defined by your license. At a minimum, activation is free for 3 years from purchase. Run the program on the new PC to fetch your new activation code.

Q: Activation failed because I have activated too many times. Can you deactivate my old installations?

A: No, but you can. Please contact us for the instructions.


Q: Can I download a free demo version?

A: Yes! Download

Q: The demo I tried is limited. Can I get a full evaluation copy?

A: It depends on the program.

By the way, our software comes with a money back guarantee. We guarantee our programs do what we claim them to do.

Offline PC

Q: Can I run this software on an offline PC?

A: Yes. Our programs are standalone offline applications.

Q: Does the program send my code online?

A: No. Our programs don't send your code anywhere.


Q: How do I get the software?

A: It's a download with an email license.

Q: I placed an order. Where is my license?

A: You will receive the license via email. If you didn't receive it in the promised time, please check your spam folder. If it's not there, write us and we'll resend.

Q: How about maintenance fees?

A: There are no yearly maintenance fees. Major version upgrades have a cost.

Q: We would like to upgrade our license to more users. What is the price?

A: You will get a discount for the license you already have. Email us for more information.

Q: Can I get a CD, DVD or printed manual?

A: No, unfortunately not. You can download the programs along with their extensive help files.

Q: What are the purchase terms and license terms?

A: See Guarantee and terms.

Q: Is the licensing per user, per seat, per concurrent user or what?

A: Licensing is per user. Each user requires a license. Changing users is OK if the previous user no longer uses the software. Site and world-wide licenses are also available.

Q: Can I share a single user license with my colleagues?

A: No, unfortunately not. You need a license for each user.


Q: Do we get tech support?

A: Of course! Contact support.

Q: I have lost my license or download! Can you resend it?

A: Yes. Do a Keyword request.

Q: Do we get updates?

A: It depends on the product. Most products include free updates until the next major version number change. See the documentation of the program for more information.

Q: How do we get the updates?

A: Check back on our web site. If you have provided your email address, we will most probably inform you about important new releases. We won't email about every little change though to keep the amount of emails reasonable.

Q: I can't view the help file!

A: Unblock it first. Right-click the help file (.chm), select Properties, then Unblock. Explanation: Windows places a block on downloaded help files. You can also read the help online. Search our site map for "Online Help" for the program in question.

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