Project Analyzer reports

Project Analyzer produces tens of different reports. All reports are available in several report formats, as shown in Report options.

ListsDocument the contents of a VB system.
Cross-reference based reportsReports that refine cross-reference data.
Modules and interfacesReports that describe interfaces to modules and interface definitions available.
User interfaceReports on forms, menus and controls.
File dependency analysisFind circular file dependencies for modularization.
String literal analysis and reportOptimize string data. Review strings.
Miscellaneous reportsOther reports.
More features with reportsPurpose
Call treesCross-referencing
Problem reportsCode review results and dead code reports.
Super Project AnalyzerDead code detection and reuse measurement
Project PrinterSource code documentation

More reports

Not all reports are documented in this help. You can find Report buttons in several windows. If there is no Report button around, try right-clicking in lists. Several lists have a Report context menu option which puts the list contents on an ad hoc report.

See also

Report optionsConfigure reports and produce them in several file formats.
MacrosAutomate the creation of reports.
Print codePrint your source code.

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