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Download and try programming utilities for free. All Aivosto software runs on Windows and comes with 100% quality, friendly tech support and a full 30-day money-back guarantee.

Safe installation guaranteed. The programs will not install any adware, spyware or virus. They will not make your computer behave erratically. You can safely uninstall or delete the programs when you wish.

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Visustin v7.10 – Flow chart generator
Visustin screenshot Flowcharting software. Visustin converts source code to flow charts and UML activity diagrams. Automatically.

Flowchart 43 languages with one program: ABAP, ActionScript, Ada, ASP, assembler, BASIC, Batch files, C, C++, C#, Clipper, COBOL, ColdFusion, Delphi, Fortran, Java, JavaScript, JCL, JSP, LotusScript, Matlab, MXML, Pascal, Perl, PHP, PL/I, PL/SQL, PowerBuilder PowerScript, PureBasic, Python, QuickBASIC, REALbasic, Rexx, Ruby, SAS, T-SQL, Unix shell script, VB, VBA, VBScript, VB.NET, Visual FoxPro and XSLT.

Download demo from site 1
Download demo from site 2
5 MB
Project Analyzer v10.2.03 for Visual Basic
Project Analyzer Understand, optimize and document projects in VB, VB.NET and VBA. Detect dead code. Code review, standards, metrics, reports, diagramming, code printing.

This free demo is fully functional with projects large and small, but max 10 source files at a time.

VBA Plug is included with this download.

Complete download. 8 MB
Download demo from site 1
Download demo from site 2
Includes VB6 run-time files.

Smaller download. 6 MB
Download demo from site 1
Download demo from site 2
Requires VB6 or run-time files.

Setup problems?
Download VB6 run-time files
Included with Complete download.

VB Watch v2.0.10 for Visual Basic 6.0
VB Watch Profile, test, debug and add error handlers to Visual Basic 6.0.

Profiler: ensure test coverage and measure performance.
Protector: handle run-time errors.
Debugger: monitor running programs.

5 MB

ActiveXplorer v4.0.204 for Windows
ActiveXplorer Component library viewer and analyzer. Manage your COM and .NET libraries. Generate HTML Help docs from binary files.

Program info

Download from site 1
Download from site 2
3 MB
Eval v1.02 for Visual Basic
Eval Expression evaluator and math parser. Supports VB5, VB6 and VBCE.

Program info

Download demo
Demo requires VB6 run-times.
34 kB
RegExpr v1.12 for Visual Basic
RegExpr Regular expressions library for advanced string matching and parsing. Supports VB5, VB6, VBA (Windows and Mac Office).

Program info

Download demo
Demo runs on Windows.
50 kB
VB Friend v2.0.5 for Visual Basic 6.0
VB Friend Productivity add-in for Visual Basic 6.0. Add indentation, complete missing code, auto-correct, backup, and get more desktop space.

VB Friend is available on an unsupported basis.

Program info

Download from site 1
Download from site 2
1 MB

These programs run on Windows.

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