Visustin options: Configure colors and labels

The option Configuration|Configure colors and labels, available in the Options menu of Visustin, lets you change the default colors and labels that appear in flow charts and UML diagrams.

Tune the configuration by editing the file visustin.ini. To create the file choose Configuration|Configure colors and labels in the Options menu. You edit the file with Notepad or any other text editor. Your edits are effective immediately. You don't need to restart Visustin.

The file is stored under your Application Data directory. You generally find it in:


Configure colors in the [Colors] section of the file. Visustin lets you change the predefined colors of most flow chart symbols. Note that you cannot choose how the colors are applied; you can only choose the general color palette available to Visustin. Use Editor to fine-tune created charts afterwards.

Colors are defined using the following syntax:


Value is one of:

The current Color mode setting (in the Options menu) dictates how Visustin applies the color definitions. In mode Color (the default mode), color definitions will generally be used as shape border colors. In mode Full color they will end up as fill colors instead. In mode Grayscale, fill colors will be calculated as shades of gray. In Black & White mode most settings have no effect.

Available color names:



Configure labels in the [Labels] section of the file. You can translate the default chart labels such as "Yes" and "No" into your language.

Since most of the text in the charts actually comes from your source code, configuring the labels has a limited effect.


visustin.ini must be saved as plain text. The character encoding may be one of ASCII, current Windows Ansi codepage, Unicode or UTF-8.

To restore your edits, simply delete or rename visustin.ini.

If you are using Visustin on a shared computer, your edits will immediately appear to all users. To create a per-user configuration file, you need to copy Visustin to a different directory for each user.

Visio export uses labels from visustin.ini, but colors from the .vst file.

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Configuration of colors and labels is disabled in the demo version.

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